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About Hartman Endwalls and Headwalls

WHAT IS AN ENDWALL AND HEADWALL? A wall built at a pipe opening to support the road and protect it from the erosive forces of flowing water. A wall at a pipe inlet is called a headwall. A wall at a pipe outlet is an endwall.


Headwalls and endwalls support the road and protect the ends of the pipe. Properly constructed headwalls and endwalls improve pipe capacity and efficiency while reducing erosion around pipe installations.


  • Provide a low-cost, long-lasting solution to erosion problems at pipe openings.

  • Prevent flowing water from damaging the road structure.

  • Provide structural support for the road and prevent crushing of the pipe.

  • Increase the flow capacity of pipes by reducing turbulence and direct flow.

  • Visually identify pipe openings and protect them from traffic and maintenance equipment.


It is necessary to protect pipe openings for several reasons:

  • Water is turbulent when it changes shape or direction, Increasing its erosive potential.

  • Water accelerates as it passes through a pipe creating the need for headwalls & endwalls to prevent erosion.

  • High flows erode unprotected areas directly causing soil erosion, sediment pollution, and maintenance costs.

  • Physical support for the road may be necessary at pipe openings, depending on road width and pipe length.


Headwalls and endwalls should be built high enough to support the full depth of pipe cover. It is critically important to anticipate the forces of drainage water under heavy storm high flow conditions. Headwalls and endwalls built to the proper height not only improve pipe capacity during extremely high flows but also help prevent pipe blockage, road washouts and the resulting catastrophic effects.

Fast Facts
    • Proven track record: Hartman Products was started in 2001 with thousands of installations in the United States and Canada
    • Durable: Our products held up through Hurricane Ivan in Pennsylvania and sustained no damage when Hurricane Katrina hit Gulfport, Mississippi
    • Cost effective: Hartman Endwalls and Headwalls are less expensive and quicker to install than most others
    • Environmentally friendly: Fill the entire endwall or headwall with recyclable materials (glass, rubber tire pieces, electronics); best solution for erosion control to comply with stormwater policies
    • Aesthetically pleasing: Appears to be stone so looks better than concrete and available in natural gray color
    • Versatile: Handles common drainage problems, perfect solution for roadway and highway drainage requirements, and maintenance-free, attractive appearance meets the needs of golf courses, parks, rails-to-trails, and residential construction
    • Light weight: No heavy equipment is required, and less chance of worker injury
    • DOT approved: Reviewed and OK'd by the FHWA as part of the DOT approval process
    • Height adjustable: Can be changed for depth of pipe easily and quickly, and can be higher than the road surface to improve visibility and safety


  • Roadway Drainage
  • Golf Courses
  • Parks & Recreation Areas
  • Rails to Trails
  • Commercial/Residential Site Development
  • Driveway Culverts

Benefits and Features:

  • Up to 75% reduction in labor costs
  • Reduces conventional end wall costs by as much as 60%
  • Made from linear low density polyethylene with UV protection for longer life
  • Impervious to salt and chemicals
  • Strong, stable and durable
  • Available in natural gray stone color

In thousands of installations, the HartmanEW™ Endwall System has proven to be faster, safer, easier, and more economical than all other alternatives.


With the HartmanEW Endwall and Headwall System, you can have it all. Learn more...




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