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The Hartman Stay-In-Place Form System
for 12" to 24" Pipe

(Patent Number: US 6422788)

HartmanEW is the proven alternative to today's time consuming, back-breaking methods for handling common drainage problems and is the perfect solution for roadway and highway drainage needs. But you'll also discover that its maintenance-free, attractive appearance meets the needs of golf courses, parks, rails-to-trails, and residential construction.

Best of all, the Hartman Endwall System is DOT approved and reviewed and OK'd by the FHWA as part of the DOT approval process. And with the growing concern over environmental issues, the HartmanEW System is the best solution for erosion control to comply with stormwater policies.


The HartmanEW unit is comprised of three (3) primary sections:

  1. A base section which serves as the main body of the endwall or headwall. It can be filled with any material for weight.
  2. A sectional piece to adjust for height and depth requirements.
  3. A lid piece with mount for delineator with florescent striping to provide better visibility.

Additionally, ring adaptors are available for various pipe sizes.

The HartmanEW Endwall or Headwall can be adjusted with additional section pieces to bring its overall height above the roadway for better visibility.


  • Overall dimension: 3' high by 5' long by 1' thick
  • Material: Linear low-density polyethelene structural plastic with a .200" wall thickness
  • Total Weight: Less than 100 pounds, pre-installed, unfilled
  • Adapts to fit pipe sizes: 24", 18", 15" and 12"
  • Applicable pipe material: Plastic, concrete and metal
  • Available Granite Gray color
  • A natural-looking stone wall pattern provides a pleasing appearance 



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