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Plastic Headwalls and Endwalls

Plastic Drainage Walls for Contractors

Scalable, affordable plastic culvert walls for golf courses, new construction communities, and much more. With the ability to lower upfront and residual maintenance costs while maintaining a consistent appearance throughout a property, Hartman Products delivers where other drainage wall systems fail.

Forget constant repairs and long installations- choose Hartman Products for no-hassle installs and guaranteed dependability.

One Unified Look

Maintain a consistent look across your entire complex. Golf courses, new construction communities, and entire townships depend on Hartman Products to provide a consistent appearance across their culverts.

One Hour Installation

Our lightweight plastic headwalls and endwalls can be installed in as little as one hour, with a process as simple as place the unit, fill with sand or dirt, and secure the lid in place. No other culvert wall is easier or quicker.

Markets and Applications for Plastic Culvert Walls

Golf course maintenance personnel have to a very tricky job. Expected to balance a tight budget with appearance and functionality standards of a high-end clientele, they’re often stuck without any good options. Considering the low numbers of maintenance employees at most golf courses, this task can sometimes seem impossible.

Thankfully, smart golf courses use Hartman Products. Our headwall and endwall systems able to reduce drainage pipe wall installation to an hour with no required maintenance once installation is complete. Employees are free to tackle other maintenance tasks around the facility, and drainage pipes throughout the course become beautiful compliments.

When ease of installation is as important as quality of appearance, Hartman Products is able to maintain both. For landscape architects and contractors looking for a pipe end drainage solution that can work for different types of soils, heights, and pipe sizes, the customization options for Hartman Headwalls and Endwalls makes the decision a no-brainer. With DOT certification in many states and localities, implementing Hartman has never been easier for landscape architects and contractors.

The materials that are used to start building a community are incredibly important. What is going to last a long time without constant maintenance? Can it work in different environments? How about ease of implementation? Will the appearance degrade over time? While these questions remain for property developers, they are no longer an issue for headwall and endwall systems. With the Hartman System, cost is cut down by minimizing installation time and no further maintenance is required after initial set-up. Best of all, the property starts with a consistent appearance that will last long into the future.

Why Have Drainage Walls at Pipe Ends?

  • Water is turbulent when it changes shape or direction, increasing its erosive potentiar.

  • Water accelerates as it passes through a pipe, creating the need for a barrier to prevent erosion

  • High flows degrade unprotected areas directly causing soil erosion, sediment pollution, and maintenance costs

  • Physical support for the road may be necessary at pipe openings, depending on road width and pipe length

The Hartman Products Difference

  • Our plastic headwalls and endwalls have been installed across the country for over 20 years with minimal failures during that time.


  • No other product is as easy or safe to install. Just place it, fill it, and close. In total, the installation process only takes an hour!


  • Unlike some other drainage wall solutions, you don’t have to sacrifice appearance for function. Hartman Products work great and look great, too.

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