Residential Plastic Drainage Walls

Why Hartman Products

Don’t work harder, work smarter. Hartman Products provide a better looking pipe end drainage system without all the labor and stress. Best of all, this system is completely DIY- no expensive contractors needed! Are you looking for an affordable headwall system that is durable, cost-effective, and easy to install?

Well, look no further than Hartman.

plastic headwall in front of stone basin

Proven Nationwide

Thousands of residential installations have been completed across the United States by homeowners just like you. Hartman endwalls and headwalls are made to be easy to install for professional contractors and homeowners alike.


The appearance of hand-laid stone that will compliment any area. Hartman Products are made of a textured heavy-duty polyurethane that is made to blend in naturally to it's surrounding landscape.

One Hour Installation

Our process is as simple as place, fill, and secure. There is literally no easier method for drainage wall installation.


No maintenance and no worries. Once installed, Hartman endwalls and headwalls won't degrade or require any sort of additional maintenance.

Hartman Endwall Installation

  • Excavate trench and place pipe as you normally would, being careful to tamp the soil after placing the pipe.

  • Use one of the available pipe size adapters if needed for smaller pipes. Slide the adapter into the base drainage wall unit, matching male to female.

  • Slide the base pipe wall unit over the drainage pipe and position it where you want. Attach the base unit to the pipe with 3 galvanized screws in the back collar at the spaces provided.
  • Fill the pipe wall unit with a heavy material such as sand or dirt. If you are using a sectional piece as well, fill the sectional piece with a material that is not concrete. Be sure to leave some room at the top for possible expansion of material due to freezing.

  • Place the headwall cap on and attach with 4 galvanized screws at the corners to secure it.

  • Backfill around the pipe and the Hartman Endwall or Headwall. For best results, use proper compaction practices. To minimize soil erosion, put large stone in tail ditch below the pipe and seed all around the excavated area.

Let's Talk

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