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DOT Approved Plastic Culvert Walls for Townships and Counties

With successful installations stretching across the United States, Hartman Products have proven to be the safer, quicker, more cost-effective endwall and headwall. If your township, county, or city is looking for a better alternative to concrete culvert walls, look no further than Hartman Products.

Easy Installation

Weighing less than 50 lbs, Hartman Products' plastic culvert walls can be installed safely in under an hour. Worker injury is reduced, worker expense is minimized, and no maintenance is required after installation is complete.

Improved Road Safety

By reducing lane closure requirements, Hartman Products are safer headwalls and endwalls for roadway workers. They also improve road safety by acting as a crash cushion if hit by a vehicle, and provide improved visibility both day and night.

Versatile For Any Use

Capable of fitting pipes with 12 inch, 15 inch, 18 inch, or 24 inch diameters and having sectional pieces to adjust for height differences, Hartman Products can match almost any culvert pipe requirements in most any conditions.

Roadway Installation Steps

As simple as place, fill, and close. Start by excavating the area around the culvert to create some space for the plastic culvert wall to slide over. Slide the lightweight plastic wall through the culvert, then secure it in place with dirt or sand. Once weighted down, secure the lid on top to complete the culvert wall. If extra height is needed, add a sectional piece before the lid. 

Public Works Resources

It’s not hard to see why Hartman Products is getting DOT adoption across the county. Public works departments are able to spend less resources building headwalls and endwalls at drainage pipe ends, freeing up time and resources.

Currently, Hartman Products are DOT approved in:




New York

North Carolina





DUNS Number: 081025455

CAGE Code: 82MP2

Primary NAICS Code: 237310

Proudly manufactured in the USA

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